We are a creative branding consultancy that maximizes your brand's power through strategy, content, and design, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

We create vibrant brand personalities that resonate.

Your brand has a story - this is where the journey begins. We collaborate with you to craft these powerful stories with strategy and customized visual solutions that create engaging identities that the end consumer can relate to.


Strategy Development


From positioning to formulating a brand strategy, we help you define and develop the appropriate tools for your sect of business. This can be anything from naming, content copy, to identity and internal planning. Spending time developing a long term strategy sets you up for the road to tactics and goal setting and will further help you spread your message to the world.

This process is for both internal and external business communication. It's imperative to energize your association and end consumers with the proper messaging and visual representation so they can in turn be as passionate about what you stand for as you are. Culture runs deep, and you get the chance to define what it is you want to stand for.

We can help you decide the delicate balance of print vs. online marketing efforts. Print can make a huge impact if done appropriately and with taste that is to the level of your brand and consumer. Our relationships with top print vendors get passed along to our clients as a courtesy to elevate and maximize your solutions.

Strategy • Brand Identity • Naming • Logos • Tone • Visual Language • Brand Guidelines • Production

Perseus was a legendary Greek war hero best known for defeating the snake-haired enemy Medusa. His story became so legendary that he was cast into the sky for eternity - as a constellation. Constellations and stand out stars have been the original guiding maps for explorers and sea venturers for centuries.


Mythology is the practice of passing on relevance through personification. Myths are expressions for understanding psychological, cultural, and societal truths. Perseus draws upon the ancient art of mythology. The way we see it, this IS branding. We dig deep into cultures to find the specificity that resonates and is most valuable today, refocus the insights, then differentiate from competition.

"North Star Thinking".

  By creating something rock solid from the beginning, you rely on that north star to navigate and guide  your business practices.

We have created a strategic pathway process called BRAND MYTHODOLOGY TM that guides us in the careful crafting and perfecting of the work that helps strengthen our client's brands and cast them into longevity.


We envision a future where all businesses consciously benefit humanity

As a business you have the ultimate power to create for the better - this can impact your triple bottom line as well as create a social movement. Learn how to use brand strategy to turn your shooting star into a bright constellation that has lasting power and impact.



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